Hair Concern

Dry/Split Ends

Our virgin hair is steam made and it was cut from donor so it may be a little dry after the curls are achieved and leaving the hair donor. Only virgin hair have spilt ends. The longer lengths, the lesser nutrition will reach to the ends. You can put some argan oil to keep the hair ends more moisturized.

Hair Color

Our hair is non-dyed collected from donor. The hair color varies a little from black #1, dark brown #1b to medium brown #2. Usually it’s color 1b. Virgin hair can be dyed or bleached. It may bring damage to some extent so please be careful when you dye the hair and remember to take good care of it.


There may be some strands shedding for the new hair. It’s normal because there may be some waste hair. Excessive shedding and tangle may come from cutting the weft, poor weft construction or dryness. We recommend you to seal the cutting area of the weft and keep the hair moisturized.


The hair can be restyled with flexi rods/curling iron or straightener. Please make sure not to apply excessive heat on the hair to prevent dryness or damage.

Hair Smell

The hair is 100% virgin hair without chemical processing. Our factory will wash the hair with warm water and shampoo. When you get the hair, please cowash the hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Gray Hair

It’s normal that virgin hair has few strands of gray hair inside. We’ve picked them out before production to make sure there’s minimum gray hair.


The hair length is carefully measured before shipping. The true lengths should be measured when the hair is stretched straight.

Hair Care

Please wash and condition the hair regularly. Argan oil or other nutrition oil may be a plus to keep the hair more healthy. Treat the hair gently when brushing it with wide-toothed comb. Let the hair air dry after cowash.


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