Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

FAQ-Frequent questions

Is the hair virgin unprocessed?

Yes, our hair is cut from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.


Will the hair shedding or tangle?

Shedding: A few strands initial shedding of new hair is normal. We always suggest customer seal weft before installing and brushing it with wide-tooth comb. Excessive shedding will cause by weft cutting or dryness. Please always seal the ends if you cut weft for installation and keep it moisturized.

Tangle: Usually, our hair will not tangle because it is cuticle intact human hair. However, dryness, oil &dirt build-up, salt water or not combing out daily will lead to tangle and shedding. Please follow hair care instruction and use good shampoo & conditioner to wash hair twice a week.


What color is the hair?

Because these bundles are genuine virgin human hair, their colors may vary. Typically bundles are in #1B color but we have lighter and darker ones. Just leave us a note in the comment section if you need a specific shade other than #1B (dark brown – close to black) and we will try to accommodate your preference.


Can the hair be dyed, bleached and permed?

Yes, our hairs are 100% human hair can be dyed, bleached and permed. However, frequently dyed and permed will do harm on hairs, even destroy hairs. Please treat that carefully


Does the hair have a bad smell?

Our hair is 100% chemical-free. We not only care about beauty but also our customer’s health! But we do cowash the hair in production process, so it may have a little shampoo smell.


Why are short hairs on the weft?

When hairs cut from donors ,it is a bundle from long hairs and no weft. A length of hairs need to be fold for sewing weft.its just the weft structure,Please don’t worry about this.


How to measure hair length?

For wavy or curly hair, please stretch it to straight, then make the measurement.


What length should I choose?


How to place an order?

1.Choose the products you need.

2.Add to cart

3.Confirm your order

4.Make the payment security.

5.You can track your package by the number we offer

6.Confirm to receive your package


How long will i get the hair ?

Package would be ship out within 24 hours after order palced.3-7 working days will arrive.


Support payment method?

1.Paypal 2.Western Union, Money Gram,Bank Transfer


2.Western Union, Money Gram,Bank Transfer

They are also acceptable; please contact our Sales Representative for further information if you prefer these three methods.


Do you do express shipping?

Express shipping available from Monday-Thursday,Need to add extra $20 into your order,the shipping time is within 2days.


Do you offer dropshipping?

Yes,Dropshipping is available , Place an order by your clients address,and leave the message to tell us its for dorpshipping,In this way the package will be ship to your clients address directly under your name as the sender .your clients will see the package is come from you .


How to make sample order?

Place a trial order by any product you like as the sample.


How to make bulk order?

If you has vary requirement to make the bulk order,Pls contact us to get assistance.


About custom tags or package

Send us your brand information like name,logo,contact information ect,

we will make the custom package for you. The cost depend on the quantity and requirement.


About custom tax?

Usually we will put low amount in the Package invoice to avoid Custom tax, but due to different policy in different countries (especially in South America and Africa), there might be some Custom tax which is not considered in the price and should be paid by buyer. You could leave a msg when placing order about how much you want us to put on the invoice.


Return / exchange policy

All returns will be considered on a case by case basis. All hair must be in the original packaging with all labels still attached. Unravelled or used bundles could not be returned or exchange.


Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

Hair Concern

Dry/Split Ends

Our virgin hair is steam made and it was cut from donor so it may be a little dry after the curls are achieved and leaving the hair donor. Only virgin hair have spilt ends. The longer lengths, the lesser nutrition will reach to the ends. You can put some argan oil to keep the hair ends more moisturized.

Hair Color

Our hair is non-dyed collected from donor. The hair color varies a little from black #1, dark brown #1b to medium brown #2. Usually it’s color 1b. Virgin hair can be dyed or bleached. It may bring damage to some extent so please be careful when you dye the hair and remember to take good care of it.


There may be some strands shedding for the new hair. It’s normal because there may be some waste hair. Excessive shedding and tangle may come from cutting the weft, poor weft construction or dryness. We recommend you to seal the cutting area of the weft and keep the hair moisturized.


The hair can be restyled with flexi rods/curling iron or straightener. Please make sure not to apply excessive heat on the hair to prevent dryness or damage.

Hair Smell

The hair is 100% virgin hair without chemical processing. Our factory will wash the hair with warm water and shampoo. When you get the hair, please cowash the hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Gray Hair

It’s normal that virgin hair has few strands of gray hair inside. We’ve picked them out before production to make sure there’s minimum gray hair.


The hair length is carefully measured before shipping. The true lengths should be measured when the hair is stretched straight.

Hair Care

Please wash and condition the hair regularly. Argan oil or other nutrition oil may be a plus to keep the hair more healthy. Treat the hair gently when brushing it with wide-toothed comb. Let the hair air dry after cowash.


Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Want luscious long locks, but don’t have the time or patience to wait around for them to grow? Then look into trying real human hair clip in extensions! Human clip in hair extensions are natural looking, but they can take a while to apply. This is a tutorial about how to apply clip in hair extensions.

I’m going to show you how I clip in my hair extensions now I did. Start off by sectioning your hair. Use a clip to clip your hair up. Make the hair place at the back of your neck by pressing the comb into the hair. Line at the side of the root and then once you’ve got the clip. Place your fingertips on the edges of the clip and then just press down, making it secure in place. Applying Clip-in Hair Extensions. Divide your hair into sections. You can do this by pulling all of the hair on the top of your head into a ponytail. Leave a thin section of hair down against your neck/back. Take a back-comb and rat your hair at the roots. You want your hair to gain ½ to a full inch in volume at the base of the strands.Take one weft and clip to to your hair at the roots. You should be able to dig into the teased section of hair to allow for the best stick.Remove another section of hair from your ponytail. Repeat the same steps as above, by teasing your hair at the roots and adding in one weft at a time.Finish your hair style. Your clip-in extensions should be completely blended so that you cannot see them at the roots of your locks.

Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

How To Beach Wave Short Hair

How to beach hair weave

When we think of beachy waves, we always think of women with long hair. Well, not anymore! Nowadays, anyone can rock the beach wave hairstyle. Yes, even women with short hair! So today, we’re going through this tutorial that will teach you how to beach wave short hair, such as beach waves for medium hair or beach waves hair short in no time!

Now I am showing a messy beach hair tutorial. You just need a straightener and some product. First, you should take some dry shampoo to get the excess oils in my hair and help give hair nice volume. And then take a brush through the hair. Curl your hair and use a flat iron. Take a clip and section off your hair. Firstly, curl it outwards and start around the middle of the shaft of hair and turn it outwards and then drag it down. Second, turn it inwards. Alternate between outward and inward curls again. Clamp it a little bit closer to the root to give it more volume. Curl in the same direction in a row just to switch things up. After cooling the hair, start running your fingers through it and loosen up the ways if they are bunched together kind of separates them so . Take a comb and just kind of back home it a little to give it more volume. Then take a dry texture spray and use hairspray at all to hold the hair up.

Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

Everything Knowledge About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions knowledge—Everything Knowledge About Hair Extensions

What are Hair Extensions? Taking additional hair and adding it to your own hair creating lots of volume and/or length. This can be done using several different methods. The most popular methods are strand by strand, weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clips and more. There are many variations to all of these methods which may also be called by different names depending on the stylist you use. Hair Extensions come in both Human Hair and Synthetic Hair depending on your preference and lifestyle. Our Karida hair does not carry Synthetic Extensions. All of our Hair Extensions are made with some of the World’s Finest Quality 100% Human Hair.

Hair Extensions are usually attached by a Professional, however many customers are now able to attach their own extensions at home. We suggest using only Human Hair since you are able to treat the hair just as you would your own. Keep in mind, that Human Hair Extensions come in many different quality grades, which also determines by the variance in cost. Please see my link “Choosing Your Extensions” which will explain the different grades of hair and methods of attachments as mentioned above.

This will be my first time wearing Hair Extensions, what do I do? First decide if you will be using a Professional to put your Extensions in or if you will be attaching them yourself. Next decide which Extension application you prefer, as not everyone likes or uses the same method. If you plan on putting in your own Extensions, certain attachment methods may require you to get a friend or family member to help. Choosing the proper color is very important. Some people prefer to match the Extensions to your own Hair color and others prefer getting the Extensions, and then coloring your own Hair to match the Extensions. We gladly offer a free color matching service, so if you want to match the Extensions to your own Hair color, you can send us a hair sample that we will match for you as closely as possible. It is usually best to send a sample from mid length to the end of your hair. Be sure to send enough hair so that we are able to judge the color. You also need to decide on the texture that will blend best with your own hair, in addition to the length you would like your Extensions to be. It is always more economical to purchase your Extensions directly from us rather then from a Professional Stylist or Salon. We also sell to Stylists and Salons, so they are marking the hair up in cost in order to sell it to you!

How much hair do I need? Alot depends on the length and fullness of your own hair, and the look you want to achieve when adding your Extensions. The general rule, if adding fullness only and your own hair is similar to the length of the Extensions, using 2 to 4 ounces of hair should be plenty to give you lots of volume. If your own hair is much shorter then the length of the Extensions you will be attaching, 6 to 8 ounces of hair should be used in order to achieve a full natural look. Also keep in mind, the longer the Extension length, the more hair you will need for a full look. This is just an aproximate guide, and remember it is better to have more hair then not enough. The left over hair will never go to waste and can always be used next time. Our Pre-Tipped and Pre-Bonded European Remy Extensions weigh aproximately 2 ounces per 100 strands. Our Wefts and Clip-In Extensions weigh aproximately 4 ounces per bundle. If your unit of weight is Grams, 4 ounces of Hair is equal to aprox 110 Grams.

What is virgin Hair? Virgin Hair, which may also be  call Cuticle Hair, is cut from one donor. It is the healthiest hair because it is is hand picked strand by strand to ensure that all cuticles remain aligned and intact. With proper care, Virgin hair will stay soft and beautiful wash after wash.

Will my Hair Extensions Shed? Some Extensions shed more then others depending on the attachment used, but all Hair Extensions do shed a bit which can not be helped.

Is it ok to Brush and use a Blow Dryer, Flat Iron and Curling Iron on my Extensions? You can absolutely treat your new hair just as you would your own. Curl it, straighten it and most of all, enjoy it! We suggest washing your Extensions every 3rd day as the hair does not get the oils or dirt clinging to it as your own hair does. Deep wave and Curly Hair textures should not be brushed as it can get frizzy. It is best to use a comb or your fingers to scrunch.

How do I wash my Hair Extensions? Wash and condition the hair in one direction, from top to bottom. Put shampoo/conditioner in your hands and run hair through your palms. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink or scrunching on top of your head. It is suggested to use shampoos and conditioners that hydrate and add moisture.

What Products can I use? You can use Moose, Gel and Hairspray, but be sure that the products are alcohol free as alcohol is a drying agent. Stay away from Shines, Sheens and oils. In between shampoos, a leave in spray conditioner is great, especially on the ends.

Can I color and perm my Hair Extensions? Because the hair has already been processed with color and in some cases texture, we do not advise having any additional chemical processing. We do offer wavy textures to prevent having to perm the hair which is available in numerous colors. If you want to darken the hair, you can absolutely color the hair using any Amonia Free hair color, and it wll come out beautifully. You never want to use Bleach or attempt to lighten the color, that is a no no!!

Can I color my own hair while wearing my Extensions? You or your stylist can definetly color your own hair. Just color the area of hair that has grown out or has been left out of the extensions.if you need some ombre color hair Pls feel free to check our ombre hair.

What should I do with my Hair Extensions when sleeping? It is always best to make a loose braid or ponytail for sleeping and never go to sleep with wet hair.

Will anyone know that I am wearing Hair Extensions? If the correct amount of hair is used, in addition to the proper color blend and texture, nobody will ever know you are wearing Hair Extensions, unless you want them to! It will be our little secret

If my hair is thin, can I still wear Hair Extensions? Yes, depending on the severity, and where you are thinning. You will need enough of your own hair at your crown to cover the top row of Extensions. This holds true for almost any method used to attach your Extensions.

Can I use Clip-Ins for highlights and lowlights? Clip-Ins are actually a great way to save your hair from the damage of chemical processing. You can easily add highlights and/or lowlights by using a few clip-in pieces throughout your head.

How long will my Hair Extensions last? This is a very difficult question to answer, and it is a question that is frequently asked. There are so many factors to consider; hair quality, products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how we individually care for our hair. If you read the information provided in the descriptions for the different Hair Extensions we offer, you will find the average life expectancy of the hair, considering the best conditions and proper care, as no 2 people care for their hair the same way.

Will the Extensions damage my own hair? Hair Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. Upon removal of your Extensions, when you first brush out your own hair, it is not uncommon to have some hair build up in your brush. This is perfectly normal and will occur regardless of which Extension Application you use.

Does Karida hair ship Internationally? Yes, we gladly ship Worldwide!

What Payment methods are accepted? We accept all major credit cards, paypal, money orders, bank transfer and Western Union.

Is my Personal and Payment Information Secure? Yes, you can shop with confidence on our secure server, and we will not share any or your information, as we respect your privacy!

When will my order ship? We require 24hours to expedite and process your order after receipt of your cleared payment. We ship with DHL/Fedex/TNT. We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 3 to 7 business days to receive your order. In most cases delivery will be much sooner, but sometimes delays occur within the postal system that we have no control of. Business days are considered Monday through Friday. In most cases delivery will be sooner, pending possible unexpected delays through customs. Depending on your Country, there may also be a Customs Tax or Duty, which we would have no knowlege of. This is the customer’s responsibility. If you have any concerns, please contact your local Customs office.

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Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

How to curl short hair with a straightener!

HOW TO CURL SHORT HAIR WITH A STRAIGHTENER! SHORT HAIR TUTORIAL.Wanna learn a quick and easy way to have curly short hair styles?

Our quick tip – use a straightener! In this tutorial,I will show the technique on how to curl short hair with a straightener. This look is so quick and easy to achieve, that it just might become your new favorite way to have very short curly hair. Remember to always use heat protectant prior to styling your hair with hot tools to prevent damage to your hair. You can also use hairspray at the end, if you’re into that kinda thing and want the curls to last longer.

Now I will show you how to curl short hair with a straightener. After washing hair, apply the mousse. Start out by misting your hair all over with a heat protectant.This step is especially important if you have color-damaged hair like I do.I always kind of do the side part I’m stick with my side part. Then section that in half and do the bottom part first. And then use a hair straightener. Curl away from my face. Grab the hair and curl under away from my face and not putting more pressure. Let the hair go through. Cool down and don’t brush it out until it’s all done. Clamp it in and go away from the face and keep rotating your hands as you go. After finishing it, you can use a brush or comb, but going through your hair with your fingers to is better choice. Straighten the ends for a more relaxed finish.Spray a texturizer throughout for volume and dimension.Apply pomade to the ends for a more lived-in look.Slay at life with your messy waves.

Check out straight hair products

Malaysian straight hair

Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

How To Beach Waves With Flat Iron

Do you want sexy hair beach waves to kick off an adventurous summer, or just to spice up your look in the middle of winter? Whatever your reason, all you need to create beach waves is a flat iron and some hair spray. But if you use some chemical method to get beach waves permanent, your hair may be damaged. The tutorial will show you how to get beach waves with flat iron.

Today I am showing you how to get beach waves using a flat iron for a short to medium length hair. Use a flatiron to corner hair when it’s a little shorter. You just need a flat iron and Moroccan oil. Take a flat iron, starting in the front. Twist the hair and pull it out. Go to clamp through the hair and then pull out. Your fingers should face forwards and continue to turn it down. Curl forwards and don’t clump together. This time I am going to clamp and your thumb is going to be forwards. Climb down it about the same place. Continue to twist your hairs. We can see your fingers twist that until you can see your thumb and put straight out. When curling the hair back, just continue to go back.

Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

How To Make Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in natural hair extensions is for those of you who want to change your hair length or volume, without a long-term commitment, damage, or a pile of money. Clip-in extension kits, in both human and synthetic hair, are incredibly expensive, so I prefer synthetic, since clip in hair extensions cheap is much less expensive.Hair extensions can also be easily swapped out for different textures/lengths/colors and other effects, so you don’t have to bother dyeing or curling. Now I will tell you how to make clip in hair extensions.

Store-bought hair extensions can be expensive. The tutorial is about how to make clip-in hair extensions. Clip hair out and wash your hair whenever you change your hairstyle. You just have a little comb and have holes. You should have six tracks in your hair and a rivet needle and some thread. First, measure the tracks to your head. When it comes to installing these bad boys very simple prom. This article provides two different but equally simple methods for making your own hair extensions. Get the right materials. To make halo hair extensions, you will need a pack of hair wefts (human or synthetic), a tube of bonding glue, a pair of scissors and some clear monofilament (fishing line).Measure and cut the hair. Take the hair weft and measure it against the back of your head.Stick the wefts together. Measure and attach the monofilament. Take a long piece of monofilament and measure it to find the right length.Attach the monofilament to the hair wefts. Take one end of the monofilament and tie it to one end of the hair weft using a couple of simple but tight knots. Apply the halo extensions.

Front Lace Wig #613 Blonde Color 10-26 European Hair Lace Wigs (8)

The Way To Put In Clip In Extensions

Hair clip in extensions are quickly becoming more and more popular. The benefits of high quality human hair extensions clip in are many. Putting in clip in hair extensions is quite easy with proper instruction and practice. If your natural hair is very thin you may not use all of your wefts, likewise if your natural hair is very thick you may need to purchase additional wefts to create a natural look.

I am going to show you how how to put in clip in extensions. Start off by taking one of two clips and then take the little comb with the back. Section your hair off and take the bottom part first. And then clip your hair to your scalp and then grab it into hair. Take the one with four different flips, and do the same steps.Clip-in hair extensions are a cheap, comfortable, and easy way to achieve the illusion of long, flowing locks. Read this article for instructions on how to use them.Match the extensions to your real hair. Hair extensions should blend in with your natural hair. Divide your hair into two sections. Use your finger or a comb to draw a horizontal line from your right temple to your left temple, sectioning off the top part of your hair and securing it with a hair tie or hair clip.Open the clips on your extensions. Align the tops of the hair extensions with the horizontal part you have made, and gently push down to snap the clips into place.Release the top section of your hair. Gently tousle to blend your natural hair with the clip-on extensions.