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meaning of psalm 120

How precious that we can say, "I know the 'unknowable' name of YHWH." ... this was an "end time" psalm - meaning it has "end time" meaning . This teaching examines the original Hebrew text and presents spiritual insights for believers in Jesus. Their permanent home is not in this world, but in heaven. 120 In my distress I called to the L ord, and he answered me. Swift, sure, and sharp shall be the judgment. 115 Away from me, you evildoers, that I may keep the commands of my God! all the 7 churches in Revelation (chapters 2 through 3) are located in Turkey. 2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, From a deceitful tongue. 113 I hate double-minded people, but I love your law. PSALM 120. Psalm 120 is the first of the songs of degrees, or, in Hebrew, the shir ha–ma-aloth. Commentary on Psalm 120:1-4 (Read Psalm 120:1-4) The psalmist was brought into great distress by a deceitful tongue. Christians have to live in this world, where many evil people surround them. Psalm 23 shows us His providing for our every need as our good Shepherd. In this distress, he sought God by fervent prayer. Meaning of Psalm 90:10. Sharp arrows of the mighty. Psalm 120.1–2 | When Distress Attacks You 1 In my distress I cried to the LORD, And He heard me. “Psalm 121 is classified as a psalm of confidence meant to celebrate God’s providential care and is the second psalm in the Songs of Ascent” (429), which begin with Psalm 120. The Psalm which we have just heard chanted, and have responded to with our voices, is short, and very profitable. On the surface, Psalm 117 appears to be geared completely toward praising God. This psalm is special all on its own—it’s the shortest of all the psalms (only two verses), the shortest chapter in the entire Bible, and is the middle chapter of the Bible. They belong to God. ; Deliver my soul, O jehovah, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue. You will not long toil in hearing, nor will you toil fruitlessly in working. Psalm 121 is the 121st psalm of the Book of Psalms.The beginning in English, in the King James Version, is "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Psalm 120 Some lessons from Psalm 120. He obtained a gracious answer to this prayer. Psalm 20 Meaning Verse 1. Distress hijacked the life of the psalmist, and in the case of the psalmist, someone lied about him. What will he do to you, and what more besides, you deceitful tongue? 114 You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word. Overview. Psalms 120:4 Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper. This phrase “day of trouble” or “day of distress” appears over a dozen times in the Old Testament. May every good man be delivered from lying lips. It denotes an intense prayer. This verse talks about dwelling place since the beginning of the creation which means God is our sanctuary for protection, sustenance, and stability, the is the one we look up to in times of trouble and difficulties. Meaning of Psalm 90 verse by verse Verse One: Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations . Psalm 119 extols God’s Word which He has graciously given to guide us. In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me." 4 Sharp arrows of the warrior, With the burning coals of the broom tree. The basic meaning of this root in the Hiphil is to "snatch away," like prey from a predator's mouth. In my distress I cried to jehovah, and he answered me. They forged false charges against him. 120:2 "Deliver my soul" The verb (BDB 664, KB 717) is a Hiphil imperative. A Song of degrees. As the first song of ascents in the first set of three (of the five sets of three), Psalm 120 is a lament while in “distress” (verse 1).However, if the latter part of verse 1 is translated as in the NKJV, “and He [God] heard me,” then the distress mentioned in this verse would seem to be a former one—forming the basis for the appeal for help in the present distress. “Praying in Times of Trouble” (Psalm 120) “I call on the Lord in my distress.” (Psalm 120:1) INTRODUCTION: Today is the first day of the New Year and between now and Easter we will be studying a special group of psalms in the Bible called the Psalms of Ascent. 2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips And from a deceitful tongue. He is a faithful, forgiving, and merciful God, Who is long-suffering towards those who believe in the wonderful name of the only begotten Son of God. Like so many things in God’s word, there is a literal meaning (in terms of altitude – it’s on Mount Zion) and also a spiritual meaning: we ascend to meet with God. In Latin, it is known as "Levavi oculos meos in montes". Psalm 120:1, KJV: "{A Song of degrees.} It was written by a godly man who lived to the age of 120 years (Deuteronomy 34:7. PSALM 16 meaning verse by verse. Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses. In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me." God can bridle their tongues. Such was his awe in the presence of the Judge of all the earth, whose judgment he had just now been considering, that he did exceedingly fear and quake. I hear people say that it does not matter to them what people say. 5 Woe is me, for I sojourn in Meshech, For I dwell among the tents of Kedar! Keith Simons. The psalmist prays to God to deliver him from false and malicious tongues. The Psalmist in Psalm 120 is asking God for deliverance from his belligerent persecutors. personal meaning to us as we read it. Christians do not belong to this world, like other people. 1 A Song of Ascents. Psalm 120 is the first of fifteen Psalms of ascent (Psalm 120 to Psalm 134). This is important information that helps us understand that Psalm 90:10 is not referring to the maximum number of years men and women will live. Psalms 120 to 134: Bible Study and Commentary “Songs of Ascent” A Bible Study in EasyEnglish (2800 word vocabulary) on Psalms 120 to 134. Psalm 119 comes as something of a surprise to anyone reading through the Psalter, because of both its vast length and single-minded focus on Torah. ; What shall he give to you? Psalm 120-134 are called. 4 o A warrior’s p sharp arrows, with glowing q coals of the broom tree! He is faithful and true, and His grace extends to each nation of the world and every tribe of Israel – for ever and ever. not just . Psalm 120: God’s presence during distress Psalm 121: Joyful praise to the Lord Psalm 122: Prayer for Jerusalem Psalm 123: Patience for God’s mercy Psalm 124: Help comes from the Lord Psalm 125: Prayer for God’s blessing upon His people Psalm 126: The Lord has done great things Psalm 127: God’s blessing on man’s efforts Psalm 120:1, NASB: "A Song of Ascents. This entire psalm is a great song of praise and worship that declares the goodness and mercy of God to all people. May every good man be delivered from … Psalm 32 tells of the forgiveness of sin which God gives to the repentant sinner. Psalm 71 taught us of God’s grace for old age. God has sent us into this world so that other people may believe in Christ. Read through the entire Psalm and make note of the word that is used most to describe God’s actions: “He who keeps you” (v.3) “He who keeps Israel” (v.4) “The Lord is your keeper ” (v.5) “He will keep your soul” (v.6); There are also 3 other phrases which closely compliment these thoughts: Degrees are either of ascent or of descent. A song of ascents. Psalm 120:4 . That seems to indicate that Turkey . It denotes an intense prayer. Psalms 120–134 are known as the Psalms of Ascents because they all have the… (1-4) He complains of wicked neighbours. Verse 4. This theme is carried through the four strophes, and uses a poetic technique frequently employed in the Songs of … EXPOSITION VERSE 120 Verse 120.—"My flesh trembleth for fear of thee." Exposition - Explanatory Notes and Quaint Sayings Hints to the Village Preacher - Works Upon This Psalm TITLE, ETC. "In the Greek Septuagint version of the bible, and in the Latin Vulgate, this psalm is Psalm 120 in a slightly different numbering system. 116 Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. If we suppose David to have been the author of this Psalm, as is very probable, he declares how diligently he engaged in prayer, when, to escape the cruelty of Saul, he wandered as an exile from place to place. And I think that’s the point here. Psalms 120:5 Woe is me, that I sojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents of Kedar! 3 What shall be given to you, n and what more shall be done to you, you deceitful tongue? This is Session 2 in a seminar series called 'Bringing sons to glory'. In my trouble I cried to the LORD, And He answered me. Yea, what shall he add to you, O false tongue! A Song of Degrees. This bears no other title than "A Song of degrees". Song of Ascents is a title given to fifteen of the Psalms, 120–134 (119–133 in the Septuagint and the Vulgate), each starting with the superscription Shir Hama'aloth (שיר המעלות ‎ Å¡îr ha-ma‘ălōṯ, meaning "Song of the Ascents"), or, in the case of Psalm 121, Shir Lama'aloth (שיר למעלות ‎ Å¡îr la-ma‘ălōṯ, "a song regarding ascents"). Psalms 120:3 What shall be given unto thee? But if you take a closer look, you’ll find it has a hidden meaning for everyone. He is truly a gracious God, full of loving-kindness and goodness. And in several of those instances, it’s speaking of the invasion of a foreign army. Psalm 120:1, ESV: "A Song of Ascents. 1. EasyEnglish is a system of simple English designed by Wycliffe Associates (UK). In Psalm 20:1, the people ask God to hear or answer their king in the day of trouble. 117 Uphold me, and I will be delivered; I will always have regard for your decrees. His name is JESUS. Psalm 120:3 Psalm 120:5 EXPOSITION. I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me." For it is, according to the title prefixed to it, A song of degrees. Songs of Ascent. Psalms 120:1 In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me. PSALMS 120 Other translations - previous - next - meaning - Psalms - BM Home - Full Page PSALM 120. Notice that. Save me, LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues. (5-7) 1-4 The psalmist was brought into great distress by a deceitful tongue. Psalm 120:1, NIV: "A song of ascents. Psalms 120:2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue. Psalm 122 starts off with a phrase that means they physically ascended the hill of the Lord, but it also carries a spiritual significance. Immediately following this remarkable psalm are fifteen psalms, which in different ways are also rather unusual. If you are singing Psalm 100 with Rabbi Arush’s new tune, there are breaks in the tune in many places where I have these intentions, which helps with timing. Verses 1-3 Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.O my soul, thou hast said unto the Lord, Thou art my Lord: my goodness extended not to thee; King David probably wrote the Psalm when he was in trouble, and he needed God to keep him safe. He will punish you with a warrior’s sharp arrows, with burning coals of the broom bush. Their words were as … Woe to me that I dwell in Meshek, that I live among the tents of Kedar! or what shall be done unto thee, thou false tongue? 2 Deliver me, O L ord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue. Bible / Our Library / Bible Commentaries / The Treasury of David / Psalm / Psalm 120 / Psalm 120:4; Share Tweet. Psalm 57 describes how God is sufficient in a time of trial. But even if you say it fast, you can still have these thoughts in shorthand, and I find that it makes saying the Tehillim much more powerful. Commentary for Psalms 120 . We’re in Psalm 120, after completing the lengthy Psalm 119. I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me. 3 What shall be given to you, and what more shall be done to you, You deceitful tongue?

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