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can iron man beat superman

Now, if Tony could acquire some Kryptonite, then things may play out differently, but since the substance doesn’t exist in the Marvel Universe, it is very unlikely that Tony could get some on short notice. Here's where and how to beat Iron Man at Stark Industries in 'Fortnite: Battle Royale.' Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. 1 Can't Beat: Superman. Ant-Man is one of the few Avengers you would not expect he can defeat Superman. As a demigod, Diana has all sorts of magical abilities and equipment at her disposal. RELATED: The 20 Most OP Weapons Hidden In Iron Man’s Armor. ... Peter Parker does have superhuman physical statistics, but he's no Superman. It all depends on how his opponent fares using his powers, intellect and skills – factors Superman has mastered over his years of super heroics. His power looks even more minuscule compared to guys like DC’s Superman who have been known to push planets and change the course of mighty rivers.. Above water though, Iron Man would likely mop the floor with Aquaman. The hero can just shrink and pack a punch, but not enough to take out the Kryptonian. This is pre-Infinity War but we can assume each character is on Earth. If all else fails, Tony still has his trump card: phone a friend. He certainly has one of the strongest will powers in the Marvel Universe and, with a personality that seems to be a nice mix between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, would likely fit in well among others in the Corp. Spider-Man couldn't even harm Superman. Overall. Iron Monger - The Iron Monger wears armor like Iron Man. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, take a wild guess. Hulk's eventual science bro managed to lay the Hulk out with a single punch in Iron Man #132. In the comics, Thor was also the founding member of the Avengers alongside Ant-Man, the Wasp, Iron Man, and the Hulk. However, though Iron Man may have trouble against the Dark Knight himself, going up against Nightwing is a whole other story. Superman barely beat Thor, but ended the fight dazed and severely weakened. Related: How Captain America Finally Made Spider-Man a 'Hero' The fight begins with Spider-Man toying with Superman, as Kon-El's eyes are closed shut by Peter's webbing. He has written for publications such as Silverpen Productions, PreLaw Land, and Clifton Park Neighbors Magazine. 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Superman's near invincibility and strength is a supreme mis-match for iron man. Assuming that the fight takes place above water, Iron Man would have no trouble taking down Aquaman. Every Way Iron Man Could Beat Superman Superman may be stronger than Iron Man, but Tony has beaten the odds before. Likewise, Grayson alone just wouldn’t be able to do any significant amount of damage to Tony’s suit. Not only is Tony Stark physically and mentally stronger than Canary, but her own metahuman ability is virtually useless against him. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It could take Molecule Man quite some time before he was able to figure out that Superman has any sort of weakness allowing the Man of Steel to give him a serious beating. Kryptonite is a fictional material that appears primarily in Superman stories. Once Superman is down, Tony could then imprison him in the Negative Zone, an antimatter universe where the arrested non-registered heroes were kept during Civil War. LOSE AGAINST: The Silver Surfer. Victor Stone, however, is permanently bonded to… Batman vs Iron Man: Who Would Win a Real-Life Battle? Thor is the mightiest superhero of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Iron Man is the only one superhero who does not possess any superpower and other incredible abilities, that other superheroes have. In the comic books, Thor’s first foe as an Avenger was Loki as well. Her incredible strength, durability, and skills make it hard to see how Iron Man could win against her. NEXT: The 10 Most Savage Things Iron Man Has Done To His Avengers Teammates. By Mark Zambrano Apr 30, 2016. Ted Kord is an incredibly nice and caring guy in the comics. Sure, he can throw it at Iron Man, but unless Cap throws it at just the right angle, it won't have any effect. The question is, who from the Marvel Universe would be able to defeat the Last Son of Krypton? Intelligence aside, Iron Man just cannot measure up against Superman. With the ability to let out a devastating “Canary Cry,” Dinah has done some severe physical damage to both people and things. More: Superman vs Marvel's Hyperion: Who Would Win in a Fight? He uses henchmen and helps steal and build armors similar to Iron Man's for his foes to use. Yes, there's a blind guy with a book detailing it and we can take you to see him. Boomstick: But, Superman can literally just fly back up to the Sun and refuel himself. Superheroes have, over their adventures, learnt the objective truth about every major religious concept. Norrin Radd’s transformation into the Silver Surfer at the hands of … While Superman isn’t weak to magic in the same way he is to kryptonite, he is vulnerable to magical attacks, so a powerful enough spell could take him down. Underwater, a brawl between the two would likely play out much differently. Though he may get there eventually, Nightwing is nowhere near Batman’s level in many categories. RELATED: MCU: 10 Impossible Things Pulled Off By Iron Man. Superman has 2 weakness’s, Kryptonite and Magic. Aside from these guys, can't really see anyone else taking him. Thor’s Unbeatable MCU Enemy Just Killed the Justice League, The Hulk's Son Was Born Without Any Of His Power, Doctor Strange's Villain Dormammu Was Overthrown By His Sister, Star Trek's Boldly Go: The Sequels Fans Should've Gotten, Wolverine Shows Why He's Still Misunderstood By Fans, Marvel’s Forgotten Avenger Had The Weirdest Origin, Batman's Rivalry With Ghost-Maker Emphasizes His Greatest Power. With a suit of armor of his own, Batman would easily be able to take down Iron Man, simply because he actually knows how to fight. Batman will need to work overtime to take down the Living Tribunal. Magic is another surefire way to do some damage to the Man of Steel. Throw in how ruthless Magneto can be and he could beat … For as advanced as the two individuals are, Iron Man could squash Blue beetle like a bug, based on personality alone. Just because he's a man inside a suit of Armor doesn't mean he can't take a few hits from god-like beings. The question is, who from the Marvel Universe would be able to defeat the Last Son of Krypton? Follow 264. Because of this, the Iron Man suit would likely be compromised in just a few moments. Iron Man's repulsors would probably give him a huge advantage against the other two. Both Tony Stark and Oliver Queen lack any true superhuman abilities of their own. In a face-off between him and the DC Universe, here is our list of 5 DC heroes he could defeat, and 5 he stands no chance against. Kryptonite is Superman’s most well-known weakness, but it’s not the only way to take him down. Superman's strength alone puts him leagues ahead of Tony, not to mention his wide array of other powers, but there are a few ways the Armored Avenger may be able to snag a victory over the Man of Steel.

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